Has anyone seen this Ebay action...

  1. It's just like Bag, Borrow or Steal:yes:
  2. I would be terrified renting out my LV! It will be interesting to see how this turns out!
  3. Whoever rents it should just save up & buy their own.
  4. :roflmfao: silly people
  5. i do not understand this concept. i think this will cause alot of problems for the seller if it is returned damaged or not returned at all.
  6. Yeah, if you're going to spend $50.00 plus...and for only 1 month, save it to go buy your own.
  7. This is a crazy concept for Ebay!!!
    Someone is going to get burned!
  8. There are actually people bidding on her items!!! :shocked:
  9. shes actually a really good seller but her new concept is :hrmm:
  10. Look at her other auctions - she has actually posted an auction to rent a Speedy that SHE HASN'T EVEN PURCHASED YET!!! She just couldn't wait to list it because she 'realized that all of you are going to want to rent an LV Speedy!!' She is going to purchase the bag tomorrow. This just gets more and more bizarre!
  11. Wow thats new!
  12. I'd be worried about getting the bags back, and not just that, I imagine that the wear and tear on these bag is going to be 10,000 times what an "average" bag goes through.
    I can't imagine that she'd be able to "rent" them for more than a few months before they're so crappy looking, no one would want them.
    Then she'd have to take all the money just to restock the bag.
  13. I don't know about this new concept. I agree with the others that this woman's handbags will get really beat up!
  14. Are they real?