has anyone seen this? Did I miss it?

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  1. When was this out?


    I got it from this webpage:
  2. OMG! I've never seen that before but it is SOOO cute!!! Looks like this was from last year. Maybe you could check eBay?
  3. Sorry. Never seen it. I am thinking that it would of come out around the same time as the Chevron? Well thats what I think..I hope you find out so, I can look for one... it is TDF.
  4. At least 2-3 years ago. Maybe more.
  5. I got a white leather bookmark with small suede hearts like that one 2 years ago at an outlet.
  6. That is what I was going to say too. Def came out when the chevron hobos came out.
  7. It's the Ombre heart. they're a couple years old. There was also a matching keys chain.
  8. Well great minds think alike!! :graucho: <I hope we are right:s>
  9. This came out in 2004.
  10. And was still around with the spring 05 collection. I heard that they were re-releasing the optic tote at the outlet; they could re-release this too.
  11. This is really cute! I have seen these on eBay. There is also another wristlet in white with the same heart on them. And as peacocky said, there are keychains. I've seen a purse charm of the heart with silver hardware and then a metal heart keyfob.