Has anyone seen this colour Silverado IRL?

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  1. I have a Betty in "Fox" and it a gorgeous tan/whiskey sort of colour that looks nothing like that web picture IRL. I will be taking a picture soon and will post here for your reference.

    As long as "Fox" on a Silverado is the same as "Fox" on a Betty then it will give you a much better idea :yes:

    That might sound strange but I have seen a Cannelle Quilted Bay and that colour is vastly different to Cannelle on a Paddy :push:

    I will post pics in a moment......
  2. Here you go. This pic was taken in good daylight so gives an exact portrayal of the colour............

  3. Thanks so much for the picture and wow they do look totally different.

    Love you bettys by the way...makes me wanna get one!

    Also the aubergine in the paddy is completeley different than the silverado aubergine....