Has anyone seen this color Spy???

  1. Has anyone seen this color IRL? Is this the "natural" color?

    I saw this on Barney's website. The colors that are offered are:
    dark brown

    I didn't know the Spy came in gray. :love: Has anyone seen it in gray? Does anyone have pics?:graucho:
  2. Barney's is also offering a fur Spy with silver metalic handles for $8,800. Here's a pic.
    I'm not nuts about the Spy in fur. What do you think of it?
  3. I love the first one.... but the second one...... is just...... hairy!
  4. Kat, I saw something that looked like a taupe wisteria spy at NM here in Denver. I didn't like it at all. Don't know if it was grey or other color, but it basically looked like a very dead, pasty color. Grey sounds like it would be a nice color, but this was such a neutral, dead flesh looking like color that I really disliked it. It looks similar to the picture you've posted, but somehow IRL it was worse, had no luster, sheen or life. Like I said... dead, pasty flesh.
  5. I love the chocolate spy...its gorgeous...
  6. Wow! "dead, pasty flesh." :yucky: :yucky: :yucky: I would like to see the Spy in a pretty gray color. :P
  7. I love the chocolate Spy too. That is the one I finally went with. I originally purchased a honey Spy but returned it.
  8. i think the color is taupe and i saw it in the fendi catalog in the store but not irl. eluxury sells a hobo spy in that color and Saks and net a porter sell a wisteria spy in that color. i kind of wanted the bag but have not seen it in irl but dead and pasty sounds kind of scary so maybe i will look for something else.:confused1:
  9. The mink spy bags are glamourous but it's just tough if you want to keep it clean.
  10. I was just in the retail store Friday and I didn't ee that in color in the large spy, but they did have it in he small spy...so yes, it does come in that color. And in person...the color is gorgeous!!!!
  11. i've seen the gray
    it's a really really light gray
    i'd say like a granite, i think it's beautiful
    the lady at the holt had told me the gray is fall/winter's newest color
  12. The dead, pasty flesh one I saw is not the same as the picture Kat posted, or even the gray one. This is what I saw which looked like dead, pasty flesh, except IRL the color was a little more neutral/nondescript. The color in this pic actually looks a litte deeper than what I saw at NM. This color is taupe (not gray or natural).

  13. I'd love to see one IRL. It sounds perfect. :P
  14. I did see this one IRL. It was really awful.:yucky:
  15. I have the taupe..I thought the color was a little off at first, but I seem to get tons of compliments every time I wear it.
    It's actually a gorgeous neutral color...the bumpy texture shows very well with this color.
    I first wanted a black (basic color), but got this instead...
    I'm sooo happy I got it!