Has anyone seen this clutch IRL? Turnlock clutch.

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  1. I love that it's like the zip clutch, only with the turn locks. AND I LOVE LOVE the color!
    I just don't know what the inside looks like; is it set up like the zc? No pictures on Zappos or NP, and no additional photos on NM.:sad:

  2. Sorry no help..i would like to know the answer to this..thanks
  3. I saw this wallet at Saks. I thought it was great. The turnlocks on the front are functional, the little pockets are so cute. I can't specifically remember what the inside looked like. I know there was a zip compartment, cc slots on one side and an open slot on the other side. Hope this helps a little.
  4. ^^Creazyforbags - yes, that does help. Thank you!
  5. did you see other colors besides the green, earth or cream?
  6. Dawn - I saw this at Nordies - very cute! - sort of casual ZC
    -Can't remember exactly the colors, but has small zip compartment inside for change plus the card slots.
  7. Yes, it is sooo cute!! Very roomy inside.
  8. Thanks you two. I really like the green color - so pretty for spring!
  9. It's pretty!! That color is great for spring. Dawn --- so are you getting it??
  10. ^^LOL. No, not yet anyway. I may just wait for one to go on sale. I don't need another wallet!!!! :shrugs:
  11. that is too cute! im curious to see what the inside looks like as well.
  12. I've just pre-ordered it on Neiman Marcus ... in cream color ... .
  13. So pretty. :smile:
  14. Ooooh debora - can't wait to see pictures!!!
  15. This is a weird thought, but this clutch makes me think of the butt section of a pair of jeans! hehe