Has anyone seen this clutch in person?

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  1. I was wondering if this bag is nice IRL? Also, does it come in other colors? I think I need one!!
  2. shoot, it won't let me attach the pic...it is $750 and it is a satin clutch...Damian just sent the pics today...anyone know what I am talking about that can attach a pic?
  3. If it is this one, I know it comes in black too ;)
  4. yes!! isn't it too cute...anyone know how much it can fit?
  5. Its really cute IRL, its not that big, it holds less than the timeless clutch would because of the size and you can't stuff it like you can the clutchl I didn't try to put things in it, but i'd say a small cell, small slim digital camera, lip gloss and maybe a slim wallet, just because of its design, it won't look as cute all bulgy.

    I was tempted to buy it, but i worry i'd sang the satin. but its really a beautiful shade of red.
  6. I saw it in real life in black and I hate it. I'm really not a fan of the satin or the shape.
  7. It looks pretty in the picture, but I would rather have leather for $899.
  8. yes i saw this at the Saks in NYC the other day - they have it in black. I does look gorgeous but I didnt actual handle it so I cannot say the size or what it holds, but it sure was beautiful. I wish it came in leather --
  9. I saw it today as well. I don't think it's worth $750. Even though it's pretty in real life, it also reminded me of a jewelry pouch/bag.
  10. It's super cute and I love it!!! Downside, it's too small and too much $ for satin.
  11. Looks gorgeous, but that also looks like it could carry stains way too easily. I agree, it does sort of remind me of a jewelry pouch. For the price, I'd rather get the timeless clutch since it's leather and more practical.
  12. Both NM & Saks carry it, if you need a red clutch/evening, I recommend Timeless Clutch in Red, either caviar or lambskin will out last this satin one for sure :P:
  13. I saw it yesterday at the Chanel boutique in Orlando...thought it was cute, but not worth 750.00...too small. Wishing I bought the timeless classic clutch before the price increase...
  14. Saw it IRL too in black. It looks really pretty in photo but not so IRL. And it really can't hold much at all. IMO, it's not worth the money for a satin clutch so small.