Has anyone seen this Chloe Tekla?

  1. I had it in my bag last night and I lost it when I was checking out! :crybaby:

    Now I'm obsessed. if you've seen it at your NM, Nordstrom or Saks, please let me know!


  2. I've seen it pop up on the NM website a couple times in the last 24 hours, sometimes someone orders it then cancels the order, and it goes back into stock, plus the returns come back in and go up on the site..... just keep checking. I have one in the burgandy, it's a great bag, good luck with your search.
    If I see one, I'll pm you and let you know.:smile:
  3. Thanks so much! I've been refreshing the page throughout the day, but nothing yet!
  4. I called my SA this week and had a red Telka shoulder bag held for pre-sale for last call. It was only $677! I asked how many left there were at other stores and she said there were at least half a dozen in the red color at various NM stores in the US. I remember her listing one of the MI stores (can't remember if it was Troy or Auburn hills) and some of the stores in TX. I would pick a store and ask. My SA said they will ship it to you for free too.
  5. Would you mind passing along your SA's contact info? Thanks!
  6. It's back at NM!!
  7. It was gone before I could message you, hope you got it!!
  8. I missed it! But now I have hope that it will pop up again!
  9. I sent you a PM!

  10. I also sent you a PM with my SA's contact info.

    I hope you find one! :smile:
  11. Thank you both! I got one from Saks!!!! I can't wait to get it

  12. :yahoo:Glad I could help you out Angela,this bag will hold a ton and the leather on these feel wonderful.
  13. No i have not seen it yet
  14. I would love to find one of these bags also. Anyone that can help it would be appreciated.
    Saks said they need a number in order to search for it. Anyone seen it at the Stores if so which one.