has anyone seen this Chloe bag before?

  1. I am interested in this Chloe bag, I think it is called Hampton, the large size one. Any owner of it? How do we like it?
  2. Yep, I've seen it and no likey. It struck me as very hard to get into and uncomfortable to carry (although I think it has a shoulder strap). I'm not loving the design either. I just didn't quite get it.
  3. Hi, Daisy, thanks for the info. So it does come with a should strap and it is not easy to get in and out of the bag? leather wise,how's the leather? soft or pebblish like Edith?:biggrin:
  4. Woah it's massive! Thanks Sue for tracing that thread!
  5. Wow, that thing IS huge! I definitely saw a smaller bag. CC, honestly I didn't really notice the leather on the bag but it sure looks nice in the pics.
  6. [​IMG]
    this available on bluefly now
  7. i think its a style from last fall/winter season... i don't think chloe makes it anymore.
  8. It's growing on me. But it is a bit on the large side. Reminds me of the Gucci horsebit hobo in terms of shape and size. But the color on the pics in the other thread look nice. And I like that it's not the bag that everyone is carrying, too.
  9. Hi Chloe_concord I have the small size Hampton in tan. I guess what I love most about it is how it has a shoulder strap (adjustable) and top handles as well. I also think it looks really cute when it's stuffed full and sort of bulges out in the middle :shame: The leather is slightly pebbly but soft. I can attach some pics of my bag if it helps.
  10. Thanks thanks...Pls do post some pics of it. Do you think large size of it is little bit too large?Is it comfortable to wear the should strape with it?

  11. I wear it on my shoulder 99% of the time, it's quite comfy. The large size looked humungous on me cuz I'm quite small, so I went for the small one... but the large looks great on Katie Holmes! However I personally think the tan colour looks more youthful than the chocolate...
    DSC00914.JPG normal_zp05_258.jpg
  12. PS. I have no idea why it looks so orangey in the photo! It's more tan in real life
  13. Thank you thank you.... I just placed the order after seeing your pics. The velvet inset on the handles are quite unique. I like the shape of this bag...:smile: