Has anyone seen this Chanel Bag?

  1. in bronzy color?

    I slightly remember seeing it at the Chanel Boutique in LV, but I was paying attention to some other bags, so I am not sure.....I think they(the SAs)called it either Broze or khaki....and I think it was around 2280.00(+tax)

    I want one....but I was wondering how the bronzy one looks.....

    And are there going to be any more NEW LUXURY BY CHANEL BAGS? Like..new edition or something.....



    P.S. Pix source=chanel.com.....paris/new york 06~07 collections
  2. Yes, there will be new Luxe bags, I posted the new Luxe tote earlier today in the gold color.
    I've seen that bag alot, but not in bronze, just that black one.
    It's called the Metallic Deerskin Zipped Tote and retail is $2285.

  3. do you know exactly when they are coming out ( the new luxe by chanel)?

    I want the bowler luxury by Chanel....in medium size........!!! Do you know what colors they are going to be this time? Are they going to be metallics and black like last time? Or new colors?

    Thanx for your answers, Swanky mama of Three! ;)
  4. I think the F/W line is already out. I don't know enough about it to be honest.
    I haven't heard what will be in the next round aside from the Luxe Tote I posted.
  5. Welcome rayrayray! I think I saw that bag in bronze at my chanel's fall trunk show last july. You're right-the SAs were calling it khaki. I really like it but I have the bowler(in black) so at the time I thought the shape was a little too similiar and didn't pay a lot of attention to it. But---I LOVE the bronze/khaki color! It is gorgeous-not too metalic and very rich looking. I am dying for a luxe bag in this color!
  6. I recently sold one of these on eBay in bronze.

    It's the bronze deerskin tote - atleast that's what we were calling it on tPF.

    They may have a few still available in the boutiques or the department stores. You should call around.
  7. For Spring, I believe they are making the bowler in White, Black, and Dark Silver...
    The tote will come in Gold and Black, and the flap satchel will come in white, black, and khaki...

    Hope this helps