Has anyone seen this...CB in a BMW?

  1. They ruin a nice car by putting in a fake LV interior.
  2. Ewww. You can buy fake rolls of LV fabric online and shops will upholstr your car with it.
  3. that's just not even cute:throwup:
  4. I've seen the same crapola with Gucci on a Murano. Nothing new.
  5. They ruined a really nice car.
  6. They ruined a very nice car!!

    :throwup: :throwup: :throwup:
  7. you should see black mc interiors:wtf:
  8. Eww.
  9. :yucky:
  10. Yucky.
  11. Dear Car Owner, please take notice: Your fugly factor has automatically increased to 10.
  12. in britney spears' "do something" video she's driving a pink hummer with that interior
  13. lol, i saw it on eBay too, i bet the owner must be female.
  14. :throwup:
    I love BMWs but that is just tacky!!!!