Has anyone seen this card holders?

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  1. image.jpeg Has anyone seen the cardholder in the middle? In particular the tan/maroon combo colors? Found the pic on IG and the girl said its part of summer collection, but she's based in London :sad:
  2. think saw it in harrods today.
  3. Do they ship to USA?
  4. why dont you call them and ask?

    i dont see why they wouldnt. people dont generally turn away business.
  5. As Floatythoughts said, call and ask, but the answer is likely "no". The reason is not because they wish to turn away business, but because of customs and duties that are incurred whenever an item crosses a border. The export form that they have to fill in sometimes causes problems at the border if the information is insufficient, and can cause delays to your package. Besides, you would have to pay the duties and any other customs fees, which adds to the cost of your purchase.
  6. i called them for you to check because i was sure they would and the answer is yes.
    they said phone harrods, ask for dior handbags department and you can pay over the phone. they will ship to you from harrods but you will be responsible for customs and taxes for the item.

    averagejoe, harrods is this shop in london which caters to the international super rich. quite a lot of arabs etc shop there and it is owned by the qataris.
  7. A lot of boutiques in the US don't ship to Canada anymore, although boutique transfers between the two countries are still common. That's what I based my information on. Their Cabazon outlet used to ship to Canada as well and it benefited me, but then they stopped for customs reasons. Their Woodbury outlet never shipped internationally to begin with.