Has anyone seen this camelia pendant?

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  1. I saw this somewhere online and the necklace is adorable! Anyone know if Chanel boutiques carry the necklace? Thank you!

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  2. Ohh it's beautiful. Hope you find it
  3. i saw it yesterday at nordstrom topanga. it comes with matching earrings.
  4. It's very pretty!
  5. How much is it? Does anyone know? Thanks!
  6. I saw this one yesterday at Heathrow airport. It's really pretty. I wanted to ask for the price but the SA was so alone and so busy.
  7. I got mine today in Hong Kong at Pacific Place Admiralty. Hope you will find one soon.
  8. However, does anyone know which Chanel boutique stocks the earrings in the same style? Hong Kong does not carry the earrings.