Has anyone seen this bra yet???

  1. I just saw the commercial for this, and while I'm not a Bali fan, I am FASCINATED....

    It looks like this
    But it has these petal things built into the inside of the cups for extra "coverage":

    Here's the link:

    Has anyone else seen this? I think it's a great idea! What do you guys think? I'm going to try it :yes:
  2. It looks promising! So, do you take the description to mean that these are not padded, except for a lining and the petals? If so, GREAT!! I just wish that they had one cup size bigger in the 32 size. :push: Story of my life. ...although with some brands I can get by with a DD just fine. Thank goodness for Figleaves.com...they have lots o' sizes!! :tup:

    Please, let us know (PM me too, in case I miss it, please) what you think when you get yours! :okay:
  3. The pic looks pretty padded to me - do you think you'd still need the petals for additional coverage?
  4. oo never heard of this... sounds great!
  5. I just buy those petals at my local drugmart and insert them in most my bras myself.
  6. I saw the same commercial yesterday during Project Runway! I was so excited about the bra b/c I am small chested and I hate nipping out.

    Do they sell Bali at Target?

    I can also recommend On Gossamer..
  7. weird

    i wear secret embrace and i never get that prob
  8. B. Jara- I don't think it's padded, just lined (I don't want the padding either)! I'll pm you when/if I find it!

    Tabbyco-- IDK if they have them at Target, but they might. I know they carry some similar brands. I'm almost positive they have Bali at Kohls and Macy, though. Barenecessities.com should have them too and I think Playtex outlets carry them as well.

    I'm super excited about this, because I'm prone to the chills if you catch my drift. It doesn't just happen when I'm cold, either. Sometimes I just get the chills for no reason and it's always at the most inappropriate times possible :hrmm:

    So if this is a good bra, it could save me a TON of embarrassment lol:shame: :lol: