has anyone seen this before?

  1. FirstlyI am not a spy or stalker LoL
    I was @ the mall today and there was a lady in front of me in line that had this bag. Has anyone seen it or know what the name of it is? Im gonna feel like an idiot if its fake, haha.
  2. I have never seen that before and I think it's a fake. I may be wrong though I have only been buying coach for a year.

    LOL@ your stealth technique :p
  3. Sorry, I'm not good enough to know if it's fake or not. I hope someone else knows, I'm curious now! I've never seen this style though. My gut says fake.
  4. I'm not an expert, but it looks pretty fake to me...
  5. I think fake, but I have only been on coach for about a year as well :yes:
  6. I've never seen this also.
  7. i believe it is fake - you an tell buy how large the C's are i think....and how they touch so much....i could be way off.... its a nice design....i will say that...
  8. I say fake...the colors are all wrong and the C's in the Legacy stripes (which color's are also wrong) go in the wrong directions.

    You can also see in the stitching on the side...the C's don't line up. Coach is really good about making sure everything lines up!

    Don't feel bad!!!! A year ago I would have been all over that searching high and low! :yes:
  9. I have never seen this before, and I've got a feeling it's not real.
  10. i hope it's not real,looks like someone made it at home...
  11. i think that looks fake too. kinda looks funny!
  12. Yep it's a fake.
  13. Oh yeah, that's a fake....
  14. Yes, that is definitely a FAKE!!:tdown:
  15. im pretty sure its fake