Has Anyone Seen This Bag?

  1. MY SA called about a choc brown bag..its hard leather.....called the COUNTRY RIDE bag????I was like WTH??Never heard of it...anyone know what this bag looks like? Its like 16 x 11 x 5...Dying as I cant figure out what bag to buy this week and I dont want to buy it sight unseen..LMK if you have anny info...Thanks a bunch!!:heart:
  2. no but sorry I ignored your PM last night! I can't remember the name of that bag! :sad:

    Post your question here, one of these smart girls will know for sure!:yes:
  3. If it is the one in the NM catalog September 2006 page 172 (that one is from the Country Ride line), I got it in the cognac color in the smaller size. I promptly returned it. Though the leather was a beautiful color, the bag is hand held only, very stiff/structured, and DH said it looked like a men's shaving bag. I recommend you go see it and try it before buying (if you can).
  4. ^She said it looked like a briefcase....Gotta go find my NM catalogue..LOL