has anyone seen this bag?

  1. It is a red quilted hobo, size m/l 14 wide by 8-1/2 tall........I was trying to get the ursula lobster bowler and this other one has come up.....I have never seen it, oh the sa said it had a pocket in the front or something like that........is it nice, I have it on hold till a.m., awaiting some feedback......
  2. It's probably this bag in red:

    It's listed as the quilted hobo on eluxury and it's on sale at Saks.
  3. thanks....what do you think? would it look right in red?
  4. I think MJ bags in red are hot!!!

    I bought one of these in midnight, but returned it as I didn't pay much attention to how large it was when I ordered it. I've found that I'm crazy about the quilted MJ bags.

    The patent is stiffer than the icy quilted MJ bags.

    If you get it at Saks, then it's probably a great deal and you can return it if it's not what you are expecting.
  5. Thanks, yes I know the patent is stiffer than the other quilted leather, was this bag too small or too big in your opinion......I should be getting Monday or Tues, it was from Saks, it was at a great price and I can return, so all is fine. I am still hunting for the ursula lobster bowler......(red)...but no response from locator yet......
  6. Yes. :yes:
  7. Okay, thanks a lot, I ordered it....will post pics.
  8. My good friend has this hobo in Lobster, she loves hers! =) It's a mid-sized bag, not too big/small.

    Ursula line is very nice, I find it just about right -- not stiff at all. I fell in love with quilted patent leather as a result. =)

  9. Got it today and love it in lobster-thanks to all, I really really like it!
  10. Oooh let's see some photos!
  11. I'm so glad that you like it. Plus you still have plenty of time to look for the bowler too.

    I wasn't paying attention and for some reason I thought I was buying a small clutch not a handbag- I need reading glasses bad!!!