Has anyone seen this bag?

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  1. Gerard Darel Satchel with chain strap...no clue what year it's from but I don't think it's from 2007-2008...anyone? TIA!

  2. Yes I have seen it several times before... (can't believe I would open the thread and actually know the answer LOL)
    I remember seeing it in 2006, also beginning 2007.
    Gerard Darel bags are everywhere in France, not just in Gerard Darel shops, they even go on sale now. So I guess you could still find it if you go to France with a little bit of luck. Otherwise, watch eBay! Gerard darel fakes are pretty easy to spot so it shouldn't be a problem.
    HTH! :flowers:
  3. LOL!! Thanks! Well, I'm not going to France anytime soon unfortunately. Would love to have this if anyone spots it anywhere though!
  4. Well I'll make sure to let you know if I spot one. :yes:
  5. Did you check Neiman Marcus? They had this at one time. Have also seen it several times on eBay.
  6. You're kidding. On Ebay? :wtf: I can't believe I missed it. Thanks for letting me know....I will call Lisa at NM in Troy right now!
  7. Thank you!!! :heart:
  8. There's also a pretty similar GD on sale now at bagshop.com

    Good luck!
  9. I did see that one...I just love that chain/leather combo. Sigh.
  10. MODEL CHARLOTTE OF GERARD DAREL IN LEATHER CHESTNUT RUSHES AND POMPONS ON THE QUOTATIONS BAG COLLECTOR for produces to few copies. Rare for does not be done more. HANDLES IN LEATHER AND CHAINES POCKET INTERIEURE WITH ETIQUETTE LEATHER GRAVEE GERARD DAREL It is almost nine for carried little time. Not any tasks, not any accros. Bought more than 350€ in shop Gérard Darel to Lille. Book with his bag anti-dusts. Thank you for to overbid only if you are certain to want it. Profile 0 to consult me before overbidding. . Delivery colissimo recommended 10€.
  11. Merci! :heart:
  12. Shes describing the bag and stating that this model is no longer made. She also said it used but gently and that it does not have any scratches or anything. She bought it at the Gerard Darel boutique ( i think) for $480 USD and it comes with a dustbag. And the usual ... plx dont bid if you do not intent to pay and if you have 0 FB to contact her before. She recommend insurance for delivery for $13 USD
  13. Thank you so much....I doubt she ships to the US though?
  14. Actually, my french is admittedly rustly but 'l'acheteur vient chercher l'objet" should mean "buyer comes to pick up the object". In other words, it's a pick-up auction.