Has anyone seen this bag IRL????

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  1. This looks so pretty!! I would pre-order but the chain looks like it's not removable. :crybaby:What do you guys think of her?
  2. Wait a minute....it DOES look like the chain comes off! :wlae:
  3. hello imgg,
    That´s one pretty bag.Whats then name of the designer???
  4. Marc Jacobs.
  5. This bag (BAL HARBOUR Satchel) is a brand new style from Resort 2006 Collection.
  6. can you Pre Order from Resort 2006 collection???
    who do I call? Boutique or Dept Store?
  7. ^ Some online stores have certain styles for pre-order. Zip Clutch and Bal Harbour Satchel are available for pre-order at Saks online. I haven't checked BG online.
  8. The chain does come off :smile:
  9. I REALLY like that bag!
  10. the chain definantely looks removable! Its soo cute though.
  11. i like it. resort 2006? heavens, am i behind.
  12. It's a great bag--I saw the black and a lovely olive green color at MJ in San Francisco. The chain definitely comes off and the straps are long enough to fit over the shoulder. If I remember correctly, the interior has a center zip compartment with two open compartments on either side. Also, without the chain the bag is not as heavy as most MJ bags!
  13. Wow, sounds lovely... I just bought a cream LV, otherwise I would buy this in a heartbeat. I'm trying to justify two cream bags and so far I can't seem to come up with one. :lol: I think I might even like this better than my LV, but I would have to see it IRL.
  14. I saw this bag online too, it's TDF! Very sophisticated looking... love it!
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