Has anyone seen this bag IRL?

  1. I am very into vintage leather bags and bags with really great leather. I saw the vintage belted ergo on line:


    The SA told me over the phone that it really is beautiful leather. I was woundering if anyone has seen it and what you thought? It looks like a very cool looking bag. Thanks
  2. I saw it 2 weeks ago when I was in NYC-Loved it-It's a beautiful leather-I'm still considering this one too:tup:
  3. Seen IRL, gorgeous leather with great details, but it's very small. IMO, it's perfect for a petite lady (short & small framed body).

    The bag is thin, which is fine, but it's also short with a narrow width. So that's why I think a petite lady would be very happy with this bag.

    It also has a 'cool' Signature lining! Hope you love it!