Has anyone seen this bag IRL?

  1. I saw it on Styledrops. Is it huge and/or heavy?
    Thx for your thoughts in advance :idea:
    Snapshot 2007-08-04 13-32-31.jpg Snapshot 2007-08-04 13-33-13.jpg Snapshot 2007-08-04 13-33-33.jpg
  2. Yes, I saw this bag yesterday at a Hong Kong Miu Miu boutique. I think it's really huge and when I wear it across my body, It almost covers 1/4 of my body (fyi i'm only 5'2" and skinny). It isn't as heavy as it seems though and the color is very nice.
  3. Thank you sandielim... as i'm not much taller than you (5'4") you have comfirmed my thoughts that it'd be too big for me, too :shame:
  4. Is that a handbag? It looks like carryon luggage. :shrugs:

  5. yes, it's a handbag i saw in Styledrops for fall/winter 07/08 collection :smile:
  6. I Think Its Totally Adorable!
  7. i :love: the colour! and it's v cute indeed! i noticed that miu miu bags are kinda massive so pls do take a look IRL before you buy one online. esp if you're not taller than 5'2" like myself..
  8. I love the color... but it does look really big!
  9. I like the color! it does look quite large, but maybe it looks better irl.
  10. there's one at my local boutique. i like the color effect. it's not heavy and the leather is supple and fine i must say..