has anyone seen this bag irl?

  1. does it look "prettier" irl?

  2. I personally loved it IRL
  3. it is absolutely stunning irl. i am coveting the larger blue and white flaps but i would take that one too. lol. all the perfos are AMAZING!
  4. I don't like this line...but that is what it looks like.
  5. not really, imo.

    maybe everybody loves this and I'm the only one who doesn't.

    it just strikes me as so... dolce and gabbana.

    like you should wear it with some kind of track jacket or something.

    (don't hurt me)
  6. i wasnt too crazy about the holes...
  7. Haven't seen it in IRL, but do like it in the pics I have seen!
  8. I tried on the blue jumbo one a few days ago at Saks...I loved the size and color, just didn't like the holes!
  9. I'm not a fan of any perfos :shrugs:
  10. It's cute IRL but I'd rather get the classic one.
  11. I think it looks better in pictures than in real life. IRL, it is not as impressive looking, at least to me. I prefer the classics to the perforated.
  12. i don't like this line, don't like the perforated look, remind me of leather car seat...
  13. i don't like perfo too... i've seen it IRL but doesn't appeal me at all...
  14. i'm not a big fan of perfo either but some of the colors look better than others, if that makes sense.
  15. I wasn't a big fan of the perf line. Then I saw them at the trunk show and like them alot better. The clutches in perf are great. I'm not sure if I would buy one but I think it is a bag you have to see IRL.