Has anyone seen this bag IRL *pics*

  1. And what do you think or the letters/grafitti?

    The second one is the size/shape of a Chanel Classic Flap. I think it retails around $1900.

  2. Sorry, I have yet to see IRL
  3. Haven't seen it either. Just from the pictures, it's not my favorite BV style. It might be dynamite IRL, tho.
  4. Boxermom, so glad you replied to my thread. I actually did see this bag IRL and it is so soft and lush. I'm just not sure because it looks so "blingy" if you KWIM?

    I just don't know how often I could use it. Plus I am more of a shoe gal so I need to keep my bags on the "quiet" side.

    Two weeks after seeing it I'm still thinking about it, though. Hmmmm.
  5. ^^^maxter, I'm with you on the "long-term thinking about it" deal. I'd love to know why sometimes I can plunk down serious money pretty fast when I see a bag I want and other times I delay a decision.

    There are bags that photos just don't do justice. Then I'll see it in person and the lightbulb goes on.

    How many pairs of shoes do you have? (or is that classified information?!)
  6. Boxermom, I am a total shoe whore (if I can use that word here). Here's a pic of the shoes I bought just for fall. I would post my new summer ones about 10 new pair) but I don't have a "family" pic yet:
  7. I've seen the clutch. Hate it. Love your shoes though!
  8. Hi Maxter,
    I have seen a number of bags at the London stores (though not this specific bag) in this material. It doesn't look too impressive, I think you would get bored of it fairly fast. It also goes against the grain of BV, which is understated style.
  9. Oh, I have seen bags in this leather at the BV boutique Faubourg St Honore recently (I believe from the Cruise collection). I personally liked them. The style was interesting and beautiful. BUT maybe you'd grow tired of it since it's very peculiar... I mean to see it everyday you'd be bored of it.
    However as a once in a while bag, it's beautiful!!
  10. Nerphanie, do you like the leather? Also, the bag I'm looking at is the one on the right. It looks alot better IMHO than the one on the left. It is a little whimsical and has the bling letters on the handle strap. It is a shoulder bag - similar to a classic flap size but zips on the top - no flap.

    Thanks for the compliment on my shoes!
  11. I saw a bag either I think at Neiman's here with this style leather. It is eye-catching, but I think for me it's a no-go.
  12. Nice shoe collection, maxter!!