Has anyone seen this bag in the flesh?

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  1. I'm thinking of buying this bag:


    Has anyone seen the color? Is it really fleshy or more of a beige? I have the miu miu flower thongs and I think it matches quite well. It also looks like a really nice size bag, like my patchwork tote which I love.
    I know it's a controversial bag what with the BV weave (although I think it's very different) and the fringe, but to me it looks pretty and wearable. I was thinking about a harlequin but really don't think my wardrobe supports it.

  2. I have the hobo with the fringe and the extra cross body strap in the taupe color....and I love it. It is smooshy and it holds up well, but best of all it goes with everything.
  3. thanks for replying, does it age well? i felt the fringe looked too stiff, does it soften with wear?

    anyone else seen the blush colorway?

  4. I have seen the blush color and its lovely... the fringes only look stiff they are soft and smooshy.
  5. Is the fringe bag with the cross body then the pic posted above by girlwitstyle?

    I had both in my hands the other day here in europe and I felt that they were size wise and dimension wise very similar?

    The cross body still seemed bigger- really really large?
  6. I am not sure if the cross body is bigger... I did not compare them. It does not seem too big to me. It is smaller than my Maxi Veneta
  7. I saw this bag today as a matter of fact in Neimans and it is SOFT! I compared it to a bow satchel and a coffer and it was larger than both. The fringe felt lovely. In regards to color, I also compared it to the light pink coffer (not the distressed pink) and the light blush colored Pradas - this bag was more beige. I hope this helps - its a fabulous bag!
  8. I ordered it today...get it tomorrow, so excited! If I don't like it, I'll return for the cream or the taupe....both are pretty.

    I like a bigger bag, so happy the size is bigger than Coffer (I tried on a Coffer Sunday at Saks, was not for me, way too small!) and I had the bow and returned it.

    I'm excited to get it tomorrow and let you guys know what I think. I know people hate the fringe, but i like it! :smile:
  9. I received my bag today! It's pretty! The fringes are sooooo much shorter than the photos though (wanted them long and wispy!) but that's okay...
    The color is very peachy, fleshy....but I have some pretty miu miu shoes in rose gold and they look great with the bag and also it looks really fresh with grays and denim. So i think i'll keep it. i wish it had a cross body strap!

    overall i'm pretty happy with it, i love the taupe (and it comes in ivory) cross body but i have so many brown bags i just didn't want another.

    i guess i'll see what my husband says tonight. he's so opinionated on fashion (in the biz too) and he did like the taupe on in the store. i think i'll keep the blush though.