Has anyone seen this bag!!!??? Heritage Lily?

  1. I got the new catalogue today and spotted a bag called the XL Zip satchel. It looks just like the Lily but is in the heritage fabric etc..
    I love the heritage but prefer the pink or white and this bag only come sin the red.
    Has anyone seen this bag? Its on p.52
    As the Lily was too heavy for me I am thinking of ordering this one. It might add some much needed color in my life?
  2. Okay, I literally RAN up my stairs frantically looking for that catalog I had skimmed and dismissed a few weeks ago.

    The dimensions seem right for a Lily. No buckle (one of the main reasons I bought the Lily), but it would seem to be SIGNIFICANTLY lighter in weight without the leather and hardware.

    I NEED it in another color than Geranium (better known as red), but it looks good.

    Nice find! I shouldn't be so quick to judge the catalog!
  3. I don't have the new catalog... What in the world does this look like!??!
  4. Okay, I am currently on the outs with my scanner, but let me take a pic of the pic.
  5. thats the thing...I love red...I use red notebooks for work so I am so tempted...
    Not sure about this red though. Should be lighter than the Lily though.
  6. I am so getting that bag~ it's the only thing (well one of the only things) I want from the new catalog!! I wondered if it was the same as the Lily! I love the Geranium and plan on getting a matching wristlet, skinny and probably the top handle pouch! I think the bonus of the XL Satchel is that it's canvas so it'll weigh less than the Lily! I plan on ordering it on the 26th with my PCE coupon!
  7. pics
  8. I can't wait to see this IRL. Will the heritage line be available in the stores on the 26th? What is the retail on that bag? TIA
  9. The catalog says Feb. and it retails for $458.
    Dimensions are 13Lx9Hx5W
    Item 11564
  10. Thank you Coachfreak!
  11. That's it!!! GORGEOUS!! :tup::drool::nuts:
  12. Thank you. The original pic I saw posted of this made it look more pink. Not digging the reddish color as much so I guess I am safe ordering the pink tote.
  13. I was seriously considering this satchel. But I can't pass up the pink Heritage tote. If this bag came in pink.......it would be a different story. Gorgeous bag though!
  14. My store manager has this bag and I think it's really pretty. I like the red color on this bag and I think it's a good size. I would consider getting it if I didn't have so many dang bags.
  15. ^^ That's how I feel! It's a very cute bag but I have so many now and just cannot justify paying over $400 for anything else right now! Someone buy it please so I can live vicariously through you! LOL!