Has anyone seen this bag at the Factory Store?

  1. I admired this bag so much last year & never got it. I have a Coach credit & would love to use it; just wondering if anyone had seen this at the Factory Store recently?

  2. I think i saw that (or one like it) in the smithfeild NC outlet, but that was almost 2 months ago!
  3. I think I saw a pink one at the Gilroy outlet a week ago.
  4. I saw it at Lancaster about a month ago, adn Riverhead about a few weeks ago
  5. Thanks! Maybe there will be one a the outlet near me. I'll take a drive down there this weekend & check it out. Its nearly an hours drive from me so hopefully it'll be worth it!:smile:
  6. call them ahead before the weekend they will hold it for u
  7. I was just thinking that I should give them a call when I get to work! Oh, btw...does anyone remember approx how much?? DUH!! I can't believe I didn't ask that earlier. Its funny; it seems when you are on a hunt price is always the LAST thing on your mind!:p
  8. Good luck finding that bag! It is so beautiful! That bag was my Mom's first Coach!! She got it at the outlet pretty early on this year. It sounds like people are still seeing them around so that is good news!

    Let us know if you find one!!
  9. I called & the outlet near me doesn't have it anymore. :sad: Still think I'll make a drive down there, though. Guess if I decide to get this one, it'll have to be from eBay since the outlets don't do charge sends.