Has anyone seen this bag at macy's?

  1. thanks!

    and if so, which one????
    coach stripe2.jpg
  2. definitely, they are very available at macys
  3. :yes: Yep!
  4. not at mine, so which one have you seen it at? TIA
  5. Im in Ca. so they have then at the Macys in South Coast plaza/Costa Mesa.
  6. dallas fort worth area
  7. thank you both.
  8. I think I saw it at ours last night in Tucson. Going back today and will confirm.
  9. lenox in atlanta has them.
  10. what is their number? i can't find atlanta on the macy's website. tia
  11. 404-231-2800
  12. Also have them in the Macy's, Union Square, San Francisco
  13. ty
  14. on the phone with her now, she says no :cursing:
  15. hmm. really? they had a ton last time i was there. maybe they sold out...?