Has anyone seen this at Macy's?

  1. I know I am asking the impossible...I have a Macy's credit of $140 and this is what my precious daughter wants...

    Signature stripe demi in PUNCH! :wtf: # 10120

    Here it is from the drilldown.

  2. People have been posting that they have some punch items.. so I guess your best bet would be to go in.. maybe they can transfer one from another store if they have it?
  3. They wouldn't look for me! I asked tonight.
  4. It's definitely worth checking into! My Macy's had the mini skinny in punch when I was there on Saturday. :yes:
  5. i have this bag in punch as well as the wristlet!!!
    and i have heard anything in punch is pretty difficult to find now so....... i say go for it!!!!! the pink is amazing, and not sure if coach will have anything else out this year in such a beautiful shade of pink
  6. I've seen Swing Pack's and a tote, but not a demi lately. Good luck!
  7. There are a couple of demi's on eBay but as of three days ago my store had one. Certain stores still have them in stock. Call Coach and have them look up the style number and give you the numbers of the stores that have one. They'll do it if you ask.
  8. I was at Macy's yesterday.
    They had that style bag, but I didn't see any punch!
    Like the girls said, ask the SA to call around for you!

    Good luck!:yes:
  9. Oooh, thanks! I will watch that one on eBay!
  10. Let us know if you find one!!
  11. if she wants the mini skinny i just bought mine at macys on saturday! :smile: I hope you get what she wants
  12. I saw one!!! Call the Reno store, I was there Saturday and they had one - the mini skinny too - CALL NOW!!! The ladies there are super nice....
  13. ^^^ Reno Coach store that is.... sorry, I was in Macy's too, they didn't have it.
  14. "lord and taylor" has them in nj