Has anyone seen this 06 plum?

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  2. That's the ink. I have no idea why personalshoppers is calling it plum. I have never heard it referred to that way.
  3. me neither. they call the bags all the wrong colors. makes it so hard to search for a specific color.

    like the mustard that the seller calls egg yolk? how is any balenciaga aficianado going to find that?
  4. Really? The ink came to my mind when I saw it...like ink with a bright light (or flash) on it. Well, so much the better, since I already have the ink on the way! Saves me buying another bag! I am loving the ink more everytime I see a new photo.
  5. ^ I felt the same when I ordered mine, too. You will love your ink! I hope it will come soon!
  6. Cate, I saw yours! It is to die for! You got the best leather I have ever SEEN on a b bag! I may be calling your SA from now on...LOL.:lol: Enjoy!
  7. You will love your ink! :love:
  8. Go for it! You will love the ink! I fall more in love with mine every day!
  9. Aw, thanks! You're so sweet! :love: :love:
    Yes, Joseph picked a beauty....And the funny thing is, I didn't even specifically ask for him when I first called the store. I know that several other members here recommended him, but I was just so darned anxious to order the bag that I didn't care who took my order! :lol:
    But as luck would have it, he ended up helping me...
  10. It's def ink.

    And congrats on your new ink!
  11. Interesting picture of the ink! It even look metallic! Ladies who ordered from BalNY, do they give you some sort of tracking number for your order?
  12. There was a mix-up with my order, so the SA offered to call me back with a tracking number. After playing phone tag a couple of times, I never did get it...But if you request it, I'm sure they can provide you with one.
  13. Yeah ... "PersonalShoppers" should know better! The *fakers* are the ones who never seem to get their information right (e.g., "Tweggy", using "Arena" for the style - it's the leather dumb-a@@!).
  14. She has added "ink" to the description box next to plum now, and she wrote me back that it was ink. But I can't believe she called it plum! It has purple undertones, but that pic is very deceiving (unless her ink is different than the one I just received).
  15. Hee. "Tweggy" is my favorite!