Has anyone seen these two bags in person?

  1. I am wondering if anyone can narrate the difference in the greens. I have seen the tote in person, but wonder if the patent leather would date the bag. I like the satchel, but all I have are satchels and I would like to branch out.
    MJ Satchel.jpg MJ Tote.jpg
  2. I saw the tote yesterday at Bloomies. The green is sort of a retro sour apple green. Its pretty. I love patent leather it always looks so new and ready to go. They also had the bowler in the same color.
  3. I've only seen the satchel. It is a very pretty green. I think it will have more staying power.
  4. Kat-do you know what I mean by the patent "dating" the bag? Those were my thoughts about the satchel having more staying power, too!
  5. I think the patent dates the bag too..I woulf stick to the satchel..There is another version of the SATCHEL that I love even more..its 975 and also called the MIA..check it out...I may get it yet!
  6. I LOVE MJ, so don't get me wrong... But here's my 2 cents for whatever it's worth:

    I love the patent aspect of the tote and the color. BUT I think it looks kinda dated... It reminds me of my giant totebag/bookbag from junior high, but in leather! I think it's kinda hard to wear on the shoulder and it's a bit bulky... If you really want to branch out but want to stay in the green realm and want a shoulder bag, what about the Hobo--it also comes in green. It looks like this:


    The Mia satchel is ok, but I think it'll get old too. It's got a lot going on for being a smaller bag and I'm not a big fan of the amount of gold hardware on the bag. I just don't get the gold attachments for the strap to the bag, then the zipper, then that thingy in the front...
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