Has anyone seen these sunglasses???

  1. Has anyone seen these sungalsses. This was a picture from the Marie Claire magazine in Australia...but no stores have them...has anyone seen them or are they new?
  2. I haven't seen them at all, they do look pretty though!:yes:
  3. those are gorgeous!! I can't see them very well, looks like a camelia w/ the CC's in the center?
  4. I was trying on some Chanel sunnies yesterday, but I didn't see those. I surely would have remembered, because they look so beautiful to me in your picture. Want want want :drool:
  5. I was told that they will be coming out in Nov/Dec by Chanel customer service in Australia. I was then told by the Sydney Chanel store that Australia will not be getting them.....well why then is there a full page advertisment in an Australian magazine saying they will be available????It is so frustrating trying to get Chanel in Australia sometimes!!!!
  6. Oh, they won't come to Australia..:hrmm: So typical..cut out the picture from Marie Claire as soon as I saw it..Wonder if Singapore will get them..
  7. :drool: maybe just to let you drool... J/K I can relate to you, however , it much worse for us bec we dont even have a Chanel shop in our country....