Has anyone seen these Sunglasses? What do you think?

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  1. I saw them when I bought my azur pilotes.. it looked ridonkulous on me hehehe
    The gorgeous SA who was serving me rocked them tho.. he's an absolute hunk so anything would look good on him LOL
  2. Hi Yed I don't know the official names for the different colorways but when speaking to my SA I do the same as you use the color of the outline and frame. Maybe the OP might have some info that I don't. This post has actually convinced me to pick up the yellow/brown pair this week.
  3. thanks, damier dork! i actually found it on the LV website, international version. funny, it is just yellow (for the yellow and brown), then blue, black, and orange. i have yet to see the blue and the orange. i am confused whether getting the blue OR the orange. have you seen these two colors too? what do you think? help! :confused1:

    the yellow is really nice actually and if i didn't know there were blue and orange, i would have picked the yellow too. :graucho:
  4. Those look really nice!! I didn't see them when I was in the boutique the other day.
  5. I finally saw these when I was in the boutique about 2 wks ago. They were ok to look at. They probably look better when you try them on. :yes:
  6. I like the first ones.
  7. Hi Yed! I have seen all of the colors in-store, I would have to say between the orange and the blue I would have to chose the orange they're pretty cool IRL and make quite a statement. Good luck! Let us know what you decide.
  8. I tried them on. They looked horrible on me! LOL

    Good luck deciding!
  9. I haven't seen them IRL but I saw them on the website and thought they looked really cool, I liked the blue ones the best. Unfortunately for my wallet I liked the way a lot of the new sunnies looked, especially the new purple gina's!
  10. hey, Damier D! ya, you really think? :smile: hmmmm...orange really is the "star" of all the colors. and i think i like that statement piece but i am concerned if it will not fit me well IRL. haha. i know the yellow fits me well and i think i can pull it off. i want to see it first but then if not available here in the philippines, i do not want to settle at the same time. oh, difficult decision...dilemma dilemma. hehe. thanks for your input, it has been quite helpful...still need time to think. hehe.
  11. These are awesome!:woot: