Has anyone seen these juicy boots anywear?

  1. They don't have my size :sad: i'm looking to see if anyone saw them at any stores?

    and i spelled anywhere wrong*
  2. The have them in a bunch of sizes (and in all 3 colors) at the Juicy boutique in SoHo. Don't know if you're in NYC but if not, I bet you could call and order them!
  3. E-bay has a bunch of them; try doing a search and see if there are any available in your size.
  4. Have you tried calling the Nordstrom 800 #? They may be able to do a store search for inventory. I've also seen these at Nordstrom Rack, as well.
  5. I saw this exact pair but in brown at my local DSW. I forgot the price but it was also marked down with additional 40% off. The one I saw was a size 10.
  6. Oh thanks i will call DSW I hope i can find my size. I called Nordstrom they were not able to locate any.
  7. i think I saw some on Zappos, you can check out shoe pavillion, DSW and my local Juicy had similar ones on sale but with a different zipper pull! GL! I myself am searching for a particulart pair of Juicy boots too!
  8. Thanks for the neiman marcus link but they don't have my size!
  9. How do you know you're getting the real thing on Ebay?
  10. I tried this same boots at Bloomingdales and they run small. I usually wear a size 6 on boots because I wear it with socks and padding but these boots were too snug. I suggest you go one size up. I did not get the boots though, they just look ok on.
  11. I have the taller version - got them at bloomingdales over thanksgiving break for around 40% off. I saw them at nordstroms at the beginning of the xmas sales but have only seen the ones with the sweater/woven pattern since then. Maybe call nordstrom's? They are pretty comfortable, but run small. I like that they have a wedge heel - a nice change from my uggs.
  12. try DSW. i saw them there last month