has anyone seen these items recently?

  1. at the outlets (in gold OR black lurex)? anyone know approximate current price? THANKS!

  2. they had framed clutches at my outlet (MN) but they were mini sig optics in black and silver and i think they were like $180.
  3. i saw those in an outlet in PA in september... but in pink not gold
  4. Yes. I bought the one on the left, the framed wristlet in gold on Saturday. That exact one. They also had it in black. They were $54. They also had the matching wristlets (not framed, just regular) for $27.99. I didn't see the one on the right though. Is it a travel kit? Or make-up case?
  5. You did?!?!? :yahoo:That's the one I really want! Excellent...so there IS hope! (I know - outlets are hit or miss...but at least there's a chance! Thanks!)

    It's a beauty case on the right...I've seen it in black lurex on eBay...too cute.
  6. I hope they have those when I go...I want some more gold stuff...I am very close to getting the studded gallery tote in gold :heart:
    And I want some little accessories too!