has anyone seen these gray boots?

  1. I don't remember seeing them in real life anywhere and I'm wondering if they're simply not available yet. I figure they'd probably be way too expensive for a pair of "fabric" shoes... But they are just the kinds my sis would love and at least they'd be cheaper than some Chanel bags she's been hinting for her Christmas gift.:graucho:
  2. Anyone? I really like these boots too! Anyone know the price?
  3. It's about Baht 32,000 in Thailand, so I think it's about $900 or less in the US.
  4. I fell in love with those when I saw the catalog! Keep us posted!
  5. I'm guessing the price to be around $900-1000. There were a pair of similar kinds in a NM catalogue and I think they were something like $970. I'm sure many of you here know which ones I'm talking about. They are denim slouchy boots with peep toes? However, I don't know if it's the luxurious private jet theme of the ad campaign, but the gray ones look just too much cuter in both color and design!:tup:

    I might just have to pop in all the Chanel retail shops this weekend. I'm crossing my fingers they are somewhere in NYC. Sis is constantly talking about bags like Sharpey or Bubble.:sweatdrop: Besides the fact getting those bags are almost impossibly difficult, it's just way over my budget. If anyone of you saw the boots in your neighborhood, let me know, please?:flowers:
  6. i saw them at a trunk show, either at the Nordie or Chanel boutique show. I think a house model had them on. They are very, very cute but I'm sorry I don't know which stores will pick them up.
  7. I think it is $750 before tax...

    Here are some pics


    Also comes in wedges w/ peep-toes, but not sure about the price difference

  8. Larkie, good to hear at least you saw them and thought they were cute! Everyone knows they can trust your eye for fashion.

    Joyfishyu, thank you for the pics! They are especially nice to see, as the models are wearing the boots in scrunched ways. I believe they were around $950-970. I remember looking at the catalogue and thinking how my sis would love the scrunchy part of the design but would hate heels.

    I believe the second pic boots are the ones in either Nordie or NM catalogue. Even though they were denim kinds, the design was the same.
  9. Those are so cute!