Has anyone seen these gold sandals??

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  1. I recently bought this pair of sandals at Aldo. I am always a 7, and tried them on and loved how they looked. Brought them home to realize that they actually are too small! They don't have them on their site and they called a few locations for me and nowhere has them in an 8.

    I know Aldo makes shoes that are similar to other brands (a pair I bought from Urban Outfitters which are also at Nordstrom were there and were identical except just under their brand) and I'm wondering if anyone has seen this pair of sandals elsewhere? I need them!! haha

    Here they are (the heel is also shiny gold plated like the front detail):

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  2. Don't know if I'm any help but..

    I recently ordered a pair of Steve Maddens they don't look like yours but are similar.

  3. ah, those really are similar! I keep coming across those in my searches too, I'm starting to consider buying them, I mean I am in LOVE with that style of sandal.

    I called up all the locations in my area and they do not have any at all! The store I got these from only had like 2 left they said.
    The other closest place is in Pennsylvania they said, haha. When I go return them today I'm going to ask if there's -ANYWHERE- that has them and if I can somehow have them shipped to me.

    I am in love!
  4. did you try calling the houston galleria store? I saw them there on tuesday.
  5. Hope you get the sandals today when you ask them to ship them to you!!! :smile:
  6. I went to return them and not a SINGLE pair is left in the size I need them in apparently all of the US according to them! Not even in the other color they came in!!
    They were like "Look at these sandals, these are going to sell SO fast!"
    I'm so mad I missed out!!
  7. Aww I'm sorry to hear that maybe you'll find a new pair that you like just as much as those! :smile: