Has Anyone Seen These Chloes?

  1. Hi,
    I'm desperately looking for these gorgeous Chloes shoes in a size 38 or 37.5. Please please PM me if you have seen these babies around in your city or are looking to sell you pair.
    Thanks so much for all your help.



    I'm interested in ALL CHLOE PLATFORM SHOES. It is so hard buying these in Australia so if anyone sees these babies around, please let me know.
    I'm also looking for the BALENCIAGA HARNESS BOOTS.
  2. Just to add, I check eBay everyday for those shoes.
  3. ahh Lillypad, I had a pair of the silverado buckle ones in a size 5 and can you believe I just sold them also to somebody in Austrailia, I mean, what are the chances :biggrin:

    They still have the lace up version available in your size at Net a Porter, v similar to the buckle, link here


    the second pair, I havent seen them in store for a while, but if you are looking for a sandal style, how about these ones ?