Has anyone seen these bags?

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  1. I have a new Chloe catalogue/flier that shows the new Lambskin bags...called the "Patsy" available in these sizes:
    Patsy Square Handbag 13 X 11 ($1020)
    Patsy Shopping Bag 16 X 13 ($1020)
    Big Patsy Handbag 19 X 9 ($1120)
    AND a Small Patsy Handbag (not sure of dimensions)
    I called Chloe in NYC yesterday and the SA said they did not have the smaller handbag in stock, and couldn't give me the dimensions. Has anyone seen this one IRL at any dept stores?
  2. Have you got a pic?
  3. oh pics, pics!!!! please!!!
  4. I saw a Patsy Lambskin Shopper, Whiskey in the newly opened Bloomingdales in San Francisco. The leather is nice & soft. I like Patsy's structure & simplicity. Here's a picture I found at Neiman's website:


    and a wallet too...


  5. ^^^^I really like that wallet.:flowers:
  6. hysteric...that's the one, but the style I'm interested in is the small handbag. They show it on page 49 on the Chloe site in what looks like a fuschia. I know it comes in Whiskey and black but I'm having a hard time getting dimensions. I know the larger one is 19 inches, so I'm thinking maybe it's more like 14 X 10? Here's the group shot of the styles, but it doesn't show the larger handbag...page 49:
  7. Or maybe that is a pic of the larger one....I'm not sure. Either way, I just want dimensions of the smallest handbag if anyone can locate it. I called Saks in Atlanta and they don't have them in yet....also called Bloomies in NYC yesterday. She had it but said she "didn't have a ruler" and couldn't tell me what the dimensions were! :shrugs: She was "guessing" it was the size of a Speedy 25, or possibly a 30, but I'd really like more exact measurements. Thanks for your help!
  8. The lambskin Chloe bags were done in limited numbers according to my Chloe SA. I got the only Tekla Bordeaux (not the big shoulder bag the one without the strap, its nicer) on the West Coast she said. I think the Fuschia one youre talking about is the Bordeaux. Its a dark red and gorgeous.
  9. Lovin Patsy!!!

  10. So do I! :heart:
  11. The fushia patsy is growing on me. LOL
  12. i think i actually have this bag you're talking about....i bought it at the chloe boutique in paris. dimensions are:

    13" length
    7.5" high
    7" wide
    16" strap length (can only just fit it over my shoulder - not very comfortable though)
  13. Hi mastitae! Would it be possible to see pictures? Thanks!!! :yes:
  14. here are some pics .... i love the bag, it is exactly the same style as the larger one just on a smaller scale. you can fit so much in it without it looking too bulky. the leather isn't waterproofed, so i have to be very careful with it. all in all, it's a great bag!



  15. and a couple more......