has anyone seen these bags?

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    what bag is the model holding? i got this off the reference thread. would it be the last bag?

    does anyone own this? i like it on the model, but has anyone seen IRL?

    [​IMG] has anyone seen the first bag? it seems like a nice tote, but i haven't had a chance to go into any stores yet.

  2. A33107 i have seen it last month in my local boutique, in bronze, very yummmmy .. and quite large
  3. hey chloe - how big is the bag? also i can't tell from the black and white photos, but according to the previous thread, it has diamond stitching as well. is that so?

    also, is it handheld bag only or can it fit over the shoulder?

    let me know! thx
  4. I saw the bag the model is carrying at Neimans in SF on Saturday. It's a great bag and I really liked it except it is hand held only--the handles are very short and I prefer something I can sling over my shoulder. The leather on this style is thick and buttery soft.