Has anyone seen these bags or know where I can fnd??

  1. I am looking for

    Red Modern Chain Tote

    Brown Modern Chain Tote

    Brown Modern Chain Hobo

    Brown Leather Large Coco Cabas Tote

    anyone know where I can find????
  2. Bump
  3. Modern chain with plastic or metal chain?

  4. You are not allowed to solicit here.
  5. Hmmm...I'm good!
  6. Metal...so hard to find though!
  7. Try calling the chanel 800#, I'm pretty sure their C/S will be able to tell you if there are any still avail.
  8. I called Chanel 800# earlier this week. They said they can track down red, but all other colors are gone. You can try to call them again. GL
  9. Hi,
    I am looking to buy one in brown...with CC?
    Please let me know...of course only authentic.
    Many thanks
  10. Thanks to all--I wound up with a Black Modern Chain Hobo with the metal chain BRAND NEW!!! I am so happy...I love my new "baby."
  11. I want something in red so badly!! I will call!
  12. Where did you find your hobo? I want one really bad. TIA
  13. My Saks has the MC hobo in brown with the metal chain. Call Delyse at 248-808-0712. Please tell her April referred you.
  14. Thanks April. I should have said that I wanted black. I use Delyse now thanks to your recommendations on this site. She is the best.
  15. No problem. She has the black with the resin handles (don't know if that would be an option for you). I'll keep an eye out for the metal strap.