**Has anyone seen these bags before?**

  1. I found this bag when I did a search for "brown" on Coach.com:

    It's listed for only $238 and called the "Jenny"

    Smaller pic:

    The "Jessie":

    $238 also

    Bleecker Signature Flap Duffle:


    Small pic:
  2. I guess so. :shrugs: :girlsigh:
  3. Yup, they're new!
  4. I actually saw a black Bleecker Flap Duffle at outlet today. It must have just been a return; it was priced at $279.99 with 20% off of that price. I haven't see the rest, though. They look like they are all cross-body styles.
  5. Ok. I thought they were new since they didn't have much info up and I haven't seen them on here (well maybe it's cause I can't search). Thanks ladies. :biggrin:
  6. I think I posted them a while back in a new bags on the drilldown thread. I even called about the first one but can't remember what they said about it. They're on the Japan site now, I believe. Cute but small! I really like the cute scarves on them!
  7. I saw those in my Coach store 2 weeks ago...so so cute!!! I want them all!!!
  8. Oh snap...the Jessie! That's my name! It was so meant to be!!!
  9. They are cute!
  10. LuLuLV
    Which Coach store did you see those bags? TIA.
  11. I've really been wanting something cross-body, this might be the one. Thanks for sharing!

    Oh and I'm wondering... does anyone know if the scarves are detachable? I like it better without :shrugs:
  12. I think Jenifer should have a Jenny...thats me!

  13. This is cute! I'm thinking it's either really small or the hangtag is huge. The scarf print is def different, tattersall on one side, bright red c's on the other.
  14. Bleecker Signature Flap Duffle:


    I saw this last night on the Japan site and fell in LOVE with it! Nice to have a name and a price :yes:
  15. I LOVE the Jenny!