Has Anyone Seen the Woven Bianca Bag IRL????

  1. Saw this bag on the MJ site, on Eluxury, and on eBay, and was wondering if anyone saw this IRL? Does anyone have any comments about it????

    Thank you!!!
  2. I havent see this is real life but I do like it..... A little more of a professional/dressy bag though I think. It would look great with a nice suit.
  3. :tup::heart:
  4. I saw it IRL at NM. It didn't move me. It is pretty big for a clutch and it seemed rather heavy. Also, I was surprised by how big the weave was. I'm used to BV weave.
  5. i love it. you could carry under your arm and let the chain dangle. the woven leather is so hot.