Has anyone seen the white with white hardware bag?

  1. I saw a woman today wearing a white leather, simple rectangular shoulder bag with white hardware! It was gourgeous. Does anybody have ideas what that bag might be? I should have stopped her when I had the chance! I have never seen white hardware before. Actually the hardware consisted of two small buckles one the front; one under each strap...perhaps a little rounded. Any ideas?
  2. passerby - thank you for posting that link. It's so hard to find a fresh designer that I like. The Theodora is breathtaking! Thanks again :heart:
  3. Butterfliie, you're most welcome. :smile: I like LOOKING at indie designers/new designers although at the moment I am sticking to admiring bags from afar, not buying them.

    How about elezar.com?

    ELEZAR - Morgan
  4. Those are great links. Thank you!
  5. Those are nice!- Especially the wine with gold hardware.