Has anyone seen the tokidoki journal upclose?

  1. I really want to buy the journal but i don't know where to buy it. And i don't want to preorder online...
  2. aww how come you don't want to preorder it?
    hmm well other than preordering, I saw a set for sale on eBay and I haven't seen it yet anywhere else.
  3. I can probably find you one, my husband runs a store where you can order them thru. We got 2 last week they are super CUTE!
  4. try tfaw.com i pre ordered the journal but they were out of a super cute stationery set its only $7.99 great deal!!
  5. He can get both!
  6. I don't want to preorder or order online because my parents don't like buying anything through the internet and since i am only 15 i need my parents to order online for me. Thanks anyway
  7. mmm i bought it last week for 11.99 cdn
    at this comic book store O_o
    i would take a pic for you but my cameras broken =P
    but yeah its really cute.
    adorable print outside.
    and inside its blue pages with the characters on the bottom corners.
  8. I saw these at anime expo but everyone was selling them for $12 :hrmm: they're supposed to be $9.99 so I didn't get one yet. They're just like the other dark horse journals :smile: cute tho
  9. there is one posted on eBay right now but its a rip of its selling for over $30. The listing does have great poics though
  10. cute book! I wish it had lines though.. I can't ever manage to write straight. :push:
  11. There's no lines? LOL. I didn't know that. Oh well, mine is still on preorder...but yayy my stationary got mailed lol.
  12. Amazon has the journal for $9.99 (but it's a 1-2 month wait). They have the stationery set, too, for $4.99 (4-6 week wait).
  13. I think she said she doesn't want to buy anything online anywhere online...cuz she's 15 and her parents won't let her...so basically she's asking for a B&M store.
  14. Does anyone have actual pictures of it? :confused1:
  15. I have an upclose stock picture of it.. I hope this helps. I mean, it shouldnt look THAT much different.. right? haha its not like our bags that have different placements :biggrin: