Has anyone seen the taupe Paddy in person?

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  1. I may or may not have ordered the medium Zippy in taupe from LVR. :P Sadly, I missed the white one so the taupe was next in line. Honestly, I would take this bag in ANY color but am wondering if anyone has seen it yet. And be honest, please. I'm afraid it will be too blah?
  2. I have only seen photos, but the photo of the Big Pocket Paddy in taupe is gorgeous. I believe someone said it almost had a purple cast to it. With the gold hardware it should be stunning! Please post pics when it arrives!
  3. Ooh, now that sounds pretty. I did see a pic on TFS but I didn't see any purple to it. I'll definitely post pics!
  4. Here is the one I was talking about...it is a gorgeous color! I can't decide between all these colors!
  5. I am seriously considering ordering from them too-I want the pocket bag...Do they charge extra for duties....(LVR?)
  6. Jill, mon ami! There is a charge for duties, but from what I understand they ship via FedEx and then FedEx bills you separately for the duties (approx. 10%). Which bag are you looking at? Do you like the taupe or mousse big pocket bag? We seem to be crossing paths today! :nuts:
  7. Okay, I did see that pic on LVR but was convinced that it's either a bad pic or a different color entirely. I'm now home and have an old Zippy pic saved on my computer that's the taupe... I'm curious what you guys think. This pic was on TFS (and this is the large, not medium).

  8. Do you think there could be that much of a difference between pics? I realize different lighting, etc. but the two are NOTHING alike!
  9. Jill: I can't answer your questions! While I did place the order, I have NO clue what's going on. I received a confirmation email but I'm kind of expecting more to follow. I'm lost!

    P.S. - I'm Jill too! :biggrin:
  10. I can't see your pic. What is TFS?
  11. TFS = thefashionspot.com

    Can you see the pic now?

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  12. I see it now...it may just be the camera flash. One looks a lot richer in tone than the other, but I think both are pretty colors. A bit light for me in the second pic, though.
  13. Yeah... but even with the flash, I'd guess that the pic I posted would be a more realistic lighting situation so I bet that's pretty close. I agree, a bit blah..... but maybe versitile and definitely a color bag that I don't own. :idea: We shall see!

    The color LVR has looks so close to the whiskey and tan, I'm hoping to definitely stray from those colors (BTDT).
  14. Does anyone know the difference between the Taupe and the Tan Paddy?
  15. What is BTDT?