Has anyone seen the "Snow Glam" line yet?

  1. Besides me:confused1:??

    I was in the new Beverly Center Gucci boutique Saturday. The sales person pulled it off the shelf without me asking for it. He went into detail about the bag then suggested I go walk over to the mirror to see how I carried it.

    Anyway... it was a "Snow Glam" red bowler. Again... it's reminiscent of the Blondie. The gg's are RUBBER (I asked)... not leather. The bowler is larger than the Blondie bowler.

    It was very nice. He wouldn't let me take a picture and I didn't ask the price. I was there for something else.

    Anyone else have any info/pictures/prices on the "Snow Glam?"
  2. I saw them too at the Saks Gucci trunk show last week. I do not have any pictures but from my recollection a LOT of the bags had black rubber GG's and there were also a LOT of patent leather. Prices ranged from the low 1000's to 3-4000 for the line excluding the exotic leathers and furs. I apologize for not being much more help since I wasn't particularly impressed with many of them.

    Marsha, the SA there did allow me to flip through the look book and they are getting a lot of these in.
  3. huh, sounds interesting!
  4. Yes, I also saw it while I was at the Beverly Center.

    I am in love with a new bag named the Signoria.
  5. I saw a new britt tote and it looked patent leather but it was a soft pvc, did not like it at all, looked very cheap , even my SA said it was tacky.