Has anyone seen the small quilted bowler?

  1. I think I might want to get the small quilted bowler (regular leather, preferably in black) :shame: . All the chatter on the subforum about it, and seeing pictures, make me think that it'll be a good replacement for the Stam.

    If anyone has seen one recently, IRL, please let me know. I think Neiman's online still has it, but I would prefer to see if a store can transfer. I want to make sure that I really LOVE it.

    I would really appreciate the heads up :flowers: . THANKS!
  2. I was recently on the hunt for a small bowler as well (finally found it, but I was looking for it in blush patent) I'm not sure if the fall colors (non-patent) come in the small size? When I was looking I found that Norstrom and NM had the best selection, you might want to try them. Nordie's in Seattle, South Coast Plaza, and Fashion Valley have the best selection, but you can call any store and have them lookup.
  3. I saw it at Saks in SF a couple of weeks ago. Very cute.....almost bought it.
  4. i saw one a few months before at bloomingdales and its a great size. if you dont find one at neiman you might want to try Nordstrom at Riverside, CA. i know they had a black small bowler left. i dont know their number but you can check for it at the Nordies site. good luck finding it and when you get it post pictures for us! :smile:
  5. I saw the small bowler in black leather at the Saks in Brimingham just a few days ago.
  6. I'm fairly certain the Charlotte NM had it when I was there yesterday and I think it was black.

    I maybe be wrong though. I've looked at so many bags at so many shops that I'm cross-eyed right now!! :s
  7. SuLi, if you're still looking for a small non-patent black bowler, I just saw one today at the Saks in Beverly Hills.
  8. Hi everyone!

    Okay, I've finally decided (this time at least), that I REALLY need the quilted black bowler (non-patent) in the smaller size (retail for $975). Has anyone seen one recently in their shopping travels?

    I'm eyeing one on eBay, but as I haven't seen the smaller IRL, so I'm not sure if it's really authentic. The seller is slow to respond for more pictures, and unless I get them, I don't want to take that chance.

    So, if anyone has seen it recently, I would be HUGELY indebted! THANKS!
  9. I love the black bowler... I had the large size. And it is sooo cute. I returned it because while the leather was so squishy and perfect it couldnt retain the shape of the bag. Which is why I loved it!

    Anyhow there was a small black bowler at the NYC saks last weekend when I was there.

    You could try calling Timothy at 212.753.4000 ext 2225 or 2443 and see if it's still there.

    Good Luck!!!!
  10. bowler reminds me of speedy-a very versatile bag. It isn't really small though. It's the perfect size. It's also not heavy @ all.
  11. SuLi, I will let you know if I see one in the stores. I hope you will be able to find it too.
  12. Thanks!

    I will try calling today.
  13. SuLi, did you find your bowler???
  14. SuLi, I saw a small quilted bowler at NM Fashion Island (Newport Beach, California) during lunch hour today. Their number is 1-800-395-1036, ask for Tiffany in Handbags. Good luck. =)
  15. Hi everyone!

    I called both the NYC Saks and NM's and both are out. Thanks for keeping your eyes open for me!

    The search continues....