Has anyone seen the small expandable flap?

  1. I just found out that there are two sizes for the expandable flap. Has anyone seen or have a pic of the smaller one? I wonder how small it is. TIA.
  2. I saw it several weeks ago at my Chanel boutique. I believe it was the small size, because it was very small. I decided against it because I didn't think it would hold very much at all. Sorry, I don't have a pic. I did like the bottom with the zipper, it was cool looking :yes:

    But also, I think someone else on this forum said that these bags were prone to having the stitching come loose, because it is so large, so I was glad I passed on it.
  3. ^^ sorry what do you mean prone to stitching coming loose???

    also does anyone know whether there is a new model on the expandable during fall??
  4. If I remember correctly, because the stitches are so large, it's easy to get them caught on things, and pull the stitches loose. The bag is totally cute, but I recall someone stating they had this problem.
  5. I also recall a broken strap on this bag=( I love the shape and the color though.
  6. I've seen it in NYC. It's very small, but cool looking. Totally different than the large expandable flap, which I prefer.
    I have the expandable hobo and no problems with the stitching so far.