Has anyone seen the Rock & Chain in person?

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  1. I'm waitlisted for this bag in both black and white leather. Anyone seen it? Any pictures?
  2. Never seen it, I like it alot!!!! Can you tell me the retail on that gorgeous bag?
  3. I haven't see it before.....cool looking bag :love: !!!! Does it come in any other colors besides white and black??? I'd like to know the retail too :yes:
  4. I think it was like $2350? It was a bit over 2K. It only comes in black and white. I'm not sure which I want yet, so I put my name down for both. There's also a smaller wristlet version.
  5. I haven't. . . our trunk show is Feb 20th so hopefully I'll get to see something before they're on the shelves everywhere else!:lol:
  6. I saw one... but I think there are a few variations. Also, the one I saw had plain leather... no weaving or anything, so it wasn't as pretty as the one in your picture. It's a very "ballish" shape, very round, and I think if you were to stuff it, it will lose it's nice, droopy shape. It's hand held. I didn't put my name down for it.
  7. Yeah I was kind of concerned it might be plain...thanks for the report! I hope I can see a pic soon at least.
  8. great looking bag. Can't wait to see it at the truck show :smile:
  9. Very interesting bag. Looks like it would definitely not go over a shoulder - I wonder if you could carry it on your arm?
  10. This bag looks very similar to the Outdoor Ligne Messenger/Hobo in Large. I have it in navy. When I carry it by hand it looks exactly like the picture. But you can easily swing it over your shoulder and even put the bulk of the bag behind you so you don't feel the bag under your arm. When it is sitting on a table it has a "football" shape.

    It is the most unassuming bag when you see it IRL. When I was at the store I just kind of glanced over the bag. But the SA showed me all the different ways to carry it and I fell in love. It is a great casual bag and can fit a ton! Almost as much as my MC tote. But FYI is it an unstructured bag.

    I'm so glad to see them bringing this shape out again. It is really unique and different for Chanel.

    I'll try to snap somes pics from the front and side later.