Has Anyone Seen The Previews For Big Medicine On Tlc,,,make Me Sick1

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  1. Hey so i am wondering if anyone has seen these previews, its like in black and white they show these obese women and men in black and white no faces, and over the pictures they have voices saying, things like i just want to be a normal pretty girl, and im done being obese and If i die at least ill die trying!

    then the doctors say some crap and its an add clearly for a show all about doiong surgerys for heavy people

    it kinda makes me sick!

    im a big girl and i KNOW i havent done even CLOSE to all i could do to change that, and i know that if i ate better and excersized more i could change things

    and it just makes me really really angry that they are acting like surgery is just the thing to do, if your fat its ok just get big medicine to cut you up

    its so gross!!! like ok fine if you have like thyroid disease i kinda understand there isnt anything you can really do to control things

    but if you are a normal person,,,, i dont think thats the answer

    i think that there should be a medical requirement for to you prove in some way that for X amt of years you have been doing EVERYTHING YOU CAN DIET AND EXERCISE WISE that you can do to try and loose weight and havent, THEN i can see doctors concidering doing that sort of surgery but i think its LAME that people can not even try and just say eh whatever ill get surgery so i dont have to even try!

    im sorry if im stepping on toes of people who have just turned to this but it really makes me sick

    I am a strong woman and i know i could do more to help myself loose weight and i would never ever turn to surgery
    but i think that having a show and ad's like this will make a lot of people, young, old whatever think,,,oh thats the answer thats the quick fix and thats so NOT how it should be!

    To hear this person saying "if i die at least i died trying" like COME ON you arent trying you are giving up and just turning to the easy way out and if you really are trying that should be somehow represented in this commercial, it shouldnt be shown just like here are fat bodies and depressed people and whats the solution, SURGERY!
    nono surgery isnt safe like that, it isnt easy as pie, it isnt as safe to put heavy people under sedation

    AND for the rest of your life after these surgerys you can only eat tiny tiny meals and a lot of times you feel very sick after eating

    and im sorry but as a thick girl I love food, i like yummy things and i am SO not interested in loosing enjoyment of food just to loose 100 lbs, i would much rather do my best to work out eat better and whatever weight i get to doing all that i can :smile: THen thats me!

    come on my other big girls out there, we are beautiful and DO NOT need someone to cut us up, take away our stomach and take away our enjoyment of food just to fit into this skinny world we live in.
    (**totally not talking about people who are experiencing SERIOUS health problems and need to loose weight right away to survive, that is a totally different story!)

    As long as we are healthy, and working out and doing our best , thats all we need! :smile: we arent all built the same to way 120 lbs, i know im not and i never will and i am SO ok with that :smile:

  2. The problem with WLS is that people think it will cure what the real problem is. A lot of those people gain weight back.
  3. I'm watching it right now. I'll let you know what I think.
  4. From the TLC website:

    BIG MEDICINE follows the personal stories of severely obese patients who turn to Houston’s Methodist Weight Management Center as a life-changing last resort. One of the most innovative bariatric surgery practices, Methodist adheres to a long-term, multidisciplinary approach that includes a plan for lifelong follow-up. At the heart of the operation is passionate father and son surgeon team Robert and Garth Davis, a pair who have dedicated their professional lives to raising awareness about obesity.

    BIG MEDICINE offers a behind-the-scenes look into the controversial world of bariatric surgery. The series chronicles the emotional journeys and transformation of obese people who have opted to undergo weight-loss surgery in an attempt to regain their lives. Patients are captured at various stages in the process – before and during the surgery, through recovery and post-op care and often through cosmetic procedures designed to remove sagging skin after dramatic weight loss. Often as gripping as the patient stories is the colorful relationship between this father and son team where old school meets new school head on. Dr. Robert Davis, aka "big D," is true to the old ways of medicine and sometimes finds new techniques too flashy or unnecessary, while Dr. Garth Davis, aka "little D," is eager to modernize the business. Despite these differences, the pair unites in the operating room to fight a common enemy and change lives forever.

  5. i just put it on since u said it was on
    and just from this start i see this person is clearly in serious trouble and he needs help

    but watching the previews they show people who i think could really get themselves back together with the right exercise and diet,,,,
    but someone like this guy obviously will die without the surgery,,,
  6. The "normal, pretty, teenage girl" was a quote from someone on this episode.

    (She lost 160 pounds and now wants to get rid of the excess skin.)

    No good doctor would accept people as patients for this surgery if they wanted it for superficial reasons. I guess that's why there's a psychiatrist on staff.
  7. i just think that seeing a psychiatrist once or twice cannot truly show if you have really done everything YOU personally can to try and change things,,,, like 160 lbs is a LOT to loose and it would be very hard to do on your own but there are totally people who do it and i think unless you have done everything humanly possible, then its sort of a cop out,,,,,,
  8. like the girl they are showing now,,,

    310 lbs if you want to get to a comfy weight you can do it yourself

    you are in highschool i just wonder did she really TRY to loose all that weight and be comfortable with herself, or did she just turn to this cause she was so embarassed and wanted to be like all the other girls,,,?
  9. I am an RN and I used to work on a bariatric surgery unit. Supposedly these patients have to "prove" they are unable to lose weight effectively by any other means and they are supposed to have psychiatric evaluations before surgery to I guess determine if they are prepared to do what it takes post-operatively to take care of themselves, since a gastric bypass is pretty major surgery and there are all sorts of potential complications and all sorts of lifestyle changes the patients have to make. But really I believe that at least where I worked GB surgery is just a huge money-maker for the surgeons. It's not a "quick fix" like so many patients seem to think. Sure, there are a lot of "success" stories but there are failures too, believe me. Those docs will operate on anyone. You tell me how a 400 lb woman who has been wheelchair- and supplemental oxygen-dependant for 10 years due to her obesity is supposed to leap out of bed and walk 3 days after surgery? It's a joke. I remember one patient whom we had to force to get up out of bed and walk, and she would trail slowly down the halls weeping and carrying on because she didn't want to do it. Does this sound like someone who's willing to make any lifestyle changes? I also have a good friend (another RN) who had the surgery about 10 years ago and you'd never know it to look at her. She put her life in jeopardy for nothing. I'm not saying bariatric surgery is a bad thing because I know it has helped many people who have been willing and able to change their lives completely to make it succeed. But, as the OP pointed out, it's being promoted as the be-all, end-all of "cures" for being overweight and that's just wrong.
  10. People who are over a certain amount of weight, people who are too big to move, people who have tried every other possible thing without results would be a good candidate.

    I'd like to think these doctors approve these patients for surgery for the right reasons.
  11. I am in the UK, and am not aware of the show you are discussing.

    I did see a few TV progs about 2 weeks ago, done by Jeremy Kyle and several people who were in a place in the US. If I remember correctly it was called Brookhaven.

    I could not believe that insurance was paying for several years for some people, who would not get out of bed, and whose family were taking in additional food, and they were actually putting more weight on.

    There was one woman determined to get through the programme for her 5 year old son, she worked hard, started losing weight, had to have surgery to remove several tumours. And her insurance pulled their cover. In this case, the guy who owned the place enabled her to stay and he funded it.

    Whilst the owner was a really decent guy, who didn't want to throw people out, there were a couple in there that really didn't deserve his help. And probably at some point will give the place a bad reputation.

    It really was a programme I would not have watched normally, I came across it by accident, but, it really made me see some things very differently than I did.
  12. I don't think WLS is ever about vanity. Its about a need to get healthy. If it were a vanity issue, they'd go the diet & exercise route which results in a lesser amount of loose skin, hair loss ...etc...

    I am an overweight person myself. There is no reason I cannot do it on my own. Its hard and you have to be seriously determined and for some reason, I am not -- AS YET because as a previous poster stated, I love food.

    I sometimes feel the WLS choice is a lot like the choice to have an Abortion. It may not be right for YOU but it is the right choice for someone else.
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