Has anyone seen the portefeuille wallet in violet?

  1. I'm looking for this portefeuille(?), I think that's what it's called lol, in violet. Has anyone seen one in any store by any chance? TIA :flowers:
  2. HN are supposed to be getting violet wallets, they are going to call me when they come in, will keep you posted :flowers: where did you see the one in your pics? i've just ordered a rouille work, is this a rouille wallet? :love:
  3. Oh that's great! Thanx :love: Which HN is it though?
    I think this wallet is either rouge vif or tomato...Are you looking for one in rouille?
  4. Would be interested in this too, in violet or aqua!
  5. yes! i'm looking for a rouille wallet/coin purse & a violet coin purse. i was sold a rouge vif coin purse instead of a tomato :rolleyes: in selfridges last week but i actually prefer it now - only trouble is i now want a work in this colour :push: it was HN Knightsbridge, although at the moment they just have the larger wallets but no violet yet. will let you know soon as i hear anything. :tup: